How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost

Are you wondering how much do hair extensions cost?


The answers to the question how much do hair extensions cost depends on the type of hair extension, the quality of the hair used in the hair extension, and how the hair extension is attached to your hair. Hair extension costs also depend on how you have the extensions applied.


Single color hair extensions usually cost less than highlighted or mixed hair extensions. The length of the hair extension that you select is also a factor in how much you pay for your hair extensions.


An added factor to how much do hair extensions cost is the lifetime of the hair extension. The shorter the lifetime then the lower the price is what you should expect.


How much are hair extensions from a salon?


A lot of women wonder how much are hair extensions in a salon? Salon hair extensions usually cost more. You are paying for the overhead of a salon and the time of the personnel that assist you.


You can expect to pay $150 for a fill in fusion hair extension that will last about five months. The application takes about two hours and is not removable. A partial fusion hair extension costs between $200 and $450 and a complete fusion hair extension costs between $450 and $600.


Micro link extensions are removable. The process for applying the extensions can take as long as five hours. You can expect to pay $300 to $500 for a partial micro link extension and between $500 and $900 for a complete micro link job. The extensions usually last about five months.


Tape extensions cost between $150 to $600 for a partial or a full job. The extensions only last about two months but the hair can be reused.


How much are hair extensions from


Partial hair extensions from Natural Hair Extension cost between $299 for 10 inches to $599 for 22 inches. Full hair extensions cost between $399 for 10 inches to $699 for 22 inches. Highlights and mixed hair may be a little extra.


The advantage of our natural hair extensions is that they are made from all human hair supplied by the highest quality Remy.  The Remy that we use has been an industry leader in the human hair market for more than 35 years. It is the top name in hair for extensions, and satisfies the highest standards for hair extensions.


The greatest advantage is that our all natural hair extensions can be applied and removed in less than 1 minute, and make you look gorgeous. You can go long if you like or stay short when you want. You can curl, iron, and brush our natural hair extensions just like you would your own hair.


The design of our hair extensions is your guarantee of no hair loss, no harm to your scalp, and a longer life for your hair extension. A longer lifetime for your hair extension and no return trips to the salon for additions means that you pay less over time. As you can tell the question “how much are hair extensions?” can be a tough question to answer.  The better question to ask your self is; how do I get the most value, comfort ability, and the longest lasting hair extension that will maintain its beauty over time and a hair extension that won’t damage my own hair or scalp.


How much do hair extensions cost depends on the quality of the hair used, how easy the extension is to remove, how long the extension lasts, and a guarantee of a refund if you are not satisfied. We feel that our prices and the quality of our extensions make Natural Hair Extension your most economical choice in a hair extension. Contact us today to purchase your high quality, long lasting, all natural hair extensions.