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So natural looking, no one will ever know!  Natural  Hair Extensions only take ONE MINUTE to put in and take out. They are safe and easy; no damage will occur to your hair. The extensions are so comfortable that even you will forget you have them in. Natural  Hair Extensions range anywhere $250 to $650 depending on the design and length being considered.
  Most natural looking of all methods
  No damage to your own hair
  Instantly gorgeous hair in ONE MINUTE
  Easy changeability of hair style
  Highest quality human hair extensions
  Comfortable and secure
  Less expensive than other hair extension methods
 will last  years if properly taken care of. 
About Hair Extensions


 Video how to apply https://www.facebook.com/photo.phpv=10101430974766991&set=vb.286399721446562&type=2&theater

THE KIND TV TALK SHOW HOST KELLY RIPA WEARS AND DEMO'D ON HER SHOW                                                        

CHANGE YOUR LIFE BY SIMPLY CHANGING YOUR  HAIR..   Sounds to easy but it is true.... hair is one of the first attributes people notice about one another. Imagine changing first impressions about you by having a great looking head of hair. Beautiful hair has a profound effect on your self image, giving you more confidence and a better self-esteem.  It's amazing how having gorgeous hair can affect  so many areas of your life.  People really do experience more confidence, better self esteem, feel sexier, have more career opportunities, more dates and all around  people respond to you better.  Let "Natural  Hair Extensions" help you change your life by adding 100% natural hair of the higest quality to your own for a more self-assured appearance.

"Natural  Hair Extensions" are the latest and truly the greatest in natural human hair extensions.  It is a revolutionary newly designed hair extension.... HALO  styled ...Rated the #1 hair extension in the industry......so easy to apply it only takes a minute to apply yourself .  (not clip-ins) ....with one halo designed hair extension you get all the volume and length you need to add thick, rich body and style instantly, without damaging clips or glue.

Reasonably Priced   "Natural Hair Extensions" uses the highest quality Remy human hair transforming your hair with rich, silky, luxurious length and volume without breaking your budget   To see how it is applied  click on Video address that is right below the before and after picture  ...........OR...........click the Order tab at the top of the page then scroll down and click on  Hair Extension Application. (how to apply)    Women love it so much they say they will NEVER go back to any other method. We provide the best quality Remy hair extensions in the world.  Our hair extensions are just that, natural healthy human hair of the highest quality.  "Natural Hair Extensions" allow you to instantly thicken or lengthen your hair without invasive protein glues, tapes, beads, weaving,  pinch braids, or clip ins, etc....There is absolutely NO damage caused to your hair or scalp.   These beautiful extensions will last years if properly cared for. You will receive instructions on how to apply your hair extension..... literally only takes a minute to apply yourself .  We are so confident your will love them that  we offer a 7 day money back guarantee upon receipt of your "Natural Hair Extensions" if the extensions have not been cut, colored or damaged in any way.

If you are looking for a whole new look, consider a second hair extension. You can order another color to change up your look.  For a variety of looks, ordering two or more different  hair extensions can give you more creative looks, image the possibilities.  It can help you blend the color of your natural hair color with a new undertone, maybe a dark color underneath to have a color contrasting look called the peek-a-boo look.  This way you can have color without the commitement of having to  permanently dye your hair so you can be much more daring.   Our 100% Remy human hair extensions of the highest quality can be worn for every day use, business, for a night on the town, or big events such as prom, graduation weddings etc... Our hair extensions can be curled, flat ironed, and even dyed, because they are actual human hair.

For Information on lengths available and prices click on Order Now at the top or bottom of the page.

When ordering your hair extension measure your hair length that you desire starting at the base of your head. (in the back)



Color Charts

Our natural human hair extensions allow you to instantly make your hair more luxurious without damaging your own hair. To see how it is applied  click on Video address under the before and after pictures.....  OR.....  click on the Order Tab at the top of the page and then when you get to that page then scroll down to the bottom of that page click on Hair Extension Application.

There are a variety of colors to choose from. Check out the color chart. Match up your hair color with the closest color on the chart. If you are unsure, always choose the color that is darker as hair underneath is usually darker than hair hit by the sun.  After selecting your color  proceed to order by clicking at the top of the page on ORDER NOW.

Your Order

Ordering  "Natural Hair Extensions" is very easy!  Within 3-6 weeks you should receive your gorgeous extensions. Easy application instructions and care for your "Natural Hair Extensions will be included in your shipment. And remember, this is natural human hair (highest quality remy) so it is easy to style your hair however you want.  One halo hair extension gives you all the volume and length you need to add thick, rich body and style instantly, without damaging clips or glue.

Everyone will be envious of your new look!

Solid Hair Colors
1-Ebony Black
1B-Off Black
99j-Burgandy Black
2-Darkest Brown
4-Dark Brown
6-Medium Chestnut Brown
8-Light Chestnut Brown
10-Medium Golden Brown
14-Light Golden Blonde
16-Medium Honey Blonde
18-Light Ash Blonde
30-Light Auburn
33-Dark Auburn
22-Beige Blonde
24-Light Ash Blonde
27-Strawberry Blonde
613-Bleach Blonde
High lighted & Mixed Hair Color
D14/22- Light Golden Blonde & Beige Blonde
D14/24-Light Golden Blonde & Light Ash Blonde
D18/22-Dark Honey Blonde & Beige Blonde
D22/27-Beige Blonde & Strawberry Blonde
D27/613-Strawberry Blonde & Bleach Blonde
M2/30-Darkest Brown & Light Auburn Mix
M4/30-Dark Brown & Light Auburn Mix
About Owner



HALO DESIGNED HAIR EXTENSIONS............I have been in the hair business for over 20 years and have worked with hair extensions for 15 of those years. I have tried the various types and kinds of hair extensions methods hair fusion, hair bonding, hair weaving, pinch braids, clip-ins and more. All of these methods cause damage to a persons hair which is not acceptable, especially if your own hair is fine and thin. People cannot afford to damage their hair any more with these extremely costly methods, plus they must be maintained every two to six months. "Natural  Hair Extensions" solves this problem. "Natural Hair Extensions" are just that ...they are the most  natural looking of all real hair extensions that will last for years if properly taken care of.  We provide the highest quality Remy hair in the world.  They are so comfortable that you don't even know you have any on, there is  NO DAMAGE to your own HAIR or SCALP and is only a fraction of the price of competitors. These are the very best hair extensions I have come across in my 20 years in the business, the halo styled hair extensnion are rated the #1 hair extension in the industry.  I am so sure you will love them that if you are unsatisfied in the first seven days of your purchase you may send them back for a full refund if the hair extensions have NOT been cut, colored or damaged in any way.

"Natural Hair Extensions" will give you the hair you always dreamed of having!
 One halo designed hair extension gives you all the volume and length you need to add thick, rich body and style instantly, without damaging clips or glue.

Reasonably Priced

"Natural Hair Extensions" uses the highest quality Remy human hair and is reasonably priced. The halo designed hair extensions is so quick and easy to add or remove length and volume instantly so you can transform your look whenever you want. Transforming your hair with rich, silky, luxurious length and volume without breaking your budget.

Once women have tried "Natural Hair Extensions" they say they will never go back to any other method.  Rated the #1 Hair Extension in the Industry.
"Natural  Hair Extensions" has been written up in the newspapers and been displayed at the Women's Expo's.  The halo designed hair extension is the kind  TV Talk Show host KELLY RIPA wears and demo'd on her show.. They are truely Awesome!!!

Thank you,


Call 952.451.2889 if you have any questions

Deb : November 04 2012

This is the best hair out there! It is so quick and easy to use does not damage my hair like clip-ins or other methods and gives my thinning hair the fullness and length I've been wanting. They are very comfortable and undetectable. I hardly know I'm wearing them and neither do other people!  I recommend natural hair extensions to anyone who is looking for high quality hair extensions they can wear every day.

Karen : July 17 2010

I started searching the internet for hair extensions that wouldn’t cause damage to my hair.  Well when I finally decided to order from you I couldn't wait.  The extension is  beautiful, I have been wearing it every day and NO one doesn’t know it’s not my hair, which I am not telling. It is so comfortable and it looks natural. I am so grateful that I found you!!!!! All I can tell women is that if they want a great hair extension it is worth every dime from you and if I need another one I can tell you it will be from you. So thank you for such a wonderful extension.

Lisa Marie : February 01 2009

I love "Natural Hair Extensions"!!!  They absolutely rock!  I'm an entertainer and wearing your "Natural Hair Extensions" is by far the best product I have ever encountered!  I will always use them!  They are so easy to use and they stay in - even with all the dancing I do, they are by far the most superior product around!